Alfa styling (sort of) with Miata mechanicals

Classic Alfa Romeo styling with the robust and reliable Mazda Miata grubby bits sure sounds good doesn’t it? In this case I’m not sure the car fulfills the promise of the sum of its parts. The Alfa styling while recognizable as going for a 50s Spider vibe ends up looking a bit off using the Miata base. Rather like an Alfa Romeo Spider in a fun house mirror.

Probably the front straight on shot is the most convincing.

The Miata engine does look the part though. Apparently in the development of the Miata the engine cam cover was inspired by the famous Alfa Romeo four cylinder.

There have been a few of these type of conversions done on Miatas. Are they going to become the new kit car daring now that Pontiac Fieros are getting scarce and Volkswagen Beetles are collector items?

See this one for sale on eBay:

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3 Responses to Alfa styling (sort of) with Miata mechanicals

  1. Paul Johnson says:

    I like it, and wondering where I can get a kit ?

  2. Edouardo says:

    I don’t understand this. The panels meet in weird places and it does not have that hipline or whatever they call it, the little upturn behind the doors. It obviously took someone a lot of work to do this, and it would not have taken any more to do it right. I don’t think they had one to splash molds from, just pix.
    A Miata is a good dependable car and can be made to stop, handle, and go very nicely. They are a great platform for a rebody and if this were done a little more accurately I’d buy one in a heartbeat.

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