1975 Toyota Corolla SR5

There aren’t many nice SR5, which is Toyota’s quasi sporty version of the Corolla, left from the mid 70s. Less so that are stock. This one looks to be quite a nice example with period pin striping and white letter tires on it.

Features a hemi head 2TC engine which is cable of great power when modified. Looks like the engine is all there and stock but the engine compartment could use some detailing to look as nice as the rest of the car.

The engine is connected with a rare for this time and price class five speed gearbox. Toyota made a big deal of this in their ads of the time as most of rear drive compacts were stuck with four speeds meaning higher cruising revs.

Interior looks nicely preserved.

These are one of my all time favorite wheels. At 13″ the next owner might swap them out for something larger but that would be a shame.

Owner looks like he has a few other neat vehicles around the yard.

Auction on eBay Motors

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23 Responses to 1975 Toyota Corolla SR5

  1. Glen says:

    Wow…when’s the last time I saw one of those…probably early 80’s, I’m guessing.
    Just goes to show I guess that there are still some nice old cars lurking about, out there. They just never seem to be in my neighbourhood. Mind you this is down somewhere in Indiana, but I think they still have some snow down there and the liberal use of salt for same. ( OK I read a little more carefully….this one was in storage for a number of years. Go figure. )
    I just really never understood the concept of ” been in storage for a number of years “… cripes, put it back on the road and drive that thing and enjoy it.

  2. BENNY says:

    Hello, How mush you’re asking. This vehicle… And where is Located.

    Please Reach-Me @ 773 595 5508. Thank You.

  3. frank fernandez says:

    is the 1975 corolla sr5 still available for sale

  4. Gus says:

    I Iike it,if it`s still available , please let me know.

  5. cabrera1 says:

    is it sold

  6. Raul says:

    Your price might be a little too high, Manny.

    • manny torres says:

      i have never sent pics. of my race car …..i dont know what pic .you looking at . the car that ihave was raced in the late 1970s thur late 90s, never st. car, if you would like pic. text me at 951-704-8491 manny

  7. Raul says:

    Manny, is that number still your number? I txt you, still have not heard from you.

  8. Manny torres says:

    Raul , the number is 951-704-8491, the 1975 toy. Is vintage gt4 race car with race log book never st. Car , I can send pics. If interested…..!

  9. ramon ruiz says:

    if the car still for sale how much you asking

  10. jose says:

    how much for the toyota i will buy it 561-523-3105 text me

  11. mahad says:

    i want to buy this car email me mahadolow@gmail.com

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