I came across this quite nice Volkswagen Fox the other day. These are getting to be quite rare around here and I haven’t seen one in a while especially in the sedan body style This one looks to be a higher trim one with alloy wheels and pin striping. They used to the interesting longitudinally-mounted engine with front wheel drive. They were built in Brazil (known there as the Voyage) and this is pre-facelift model with the sealed beam headlights making it a 1987-1990 model.

Volkswagen Fox

I remember back in late 1988 my father was looking for a new car and this was one he considered. I remember the salesman going on and on about how you could beat on it and rev the snot of the Fox and it would take it. Not the right thing to tell my father know is quite gentle with his vehicles and not an enthusiast. I’m not sure he would have bought it anyway as he was quite concerned at the time with the cost of repair and parts on an imported car. We ended up with a year end clear out special – red, two door, 5 speed Ford Tempo.

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  1. Just a little correction: These were not known in Brazil as the Gol, that is the hatchback version. The sedan was the Voyage, also called Senda in Argentina and Amazon in Chile.

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