1974 Renault Gordini 17

Here is a car that rarely comes up for sale – a 1974 Renault Gordini 17. Of all the 1970s Renaults I’ve seen come up for sale in the last few years have all been the Gordini version which makes sense as sporty versions are usually the version most likely to be saved by an enthusiast. The big sunroof is accounted for on this example. I do like the colour scheme – yellow with black stripes.


seller’s description

1974 Renault Gordini 17. These cars won the world off road championships from 74-76. it has the 1665cc 4cyl Hemi ,Manual transmition. Convertible top & hard top cover. This car has not been driven since 1987.
Very little rust 77,000 k. Car runs but needs a fuel pump. Power top is not working but is in nice shape $1,900 obo

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18 Responses to 1974 Renault Gordini 17

  1. R1326 says:

    1974 is best year for the 17 Gordini “Coupe/Convertible”, since it still had the highly tuned 1565cc hemi-head engine from the 72-73 North American imports (later models with 1647cc hemi with lowered compression/emission controls). Terrific seats, strong acceleration, and nice handling with heavy steering. Rust and the convertible top components did many in, as did some fuel/cooling problems. Probably the best Renault imported to N. America. Later models just as fun, maybe not as quick. Had one new in June 1974.

  2. oldcarjunkie says:

    Those extra 1974 spec bumpers look like they’d be easy to remove as well.

  3. alberto s says:

    is this car still available for sale?

  4. jalil gutierrez says:

    i need parts renault 17 gordini

  5. Splendid point. Couldn’t agree more.

  6. Jdd LK says:

    the car still on sale CALL ME AT 786 385 1155 I WOULD LIKE TO BUY THE CAR

  7. Toni Hansen says:

    Is the Gordini still for sale ??

  8. I bought this car a couple of years ago.

    • Gary Mammele says:

      Mike, I have some parts for the Gordini you might be interested in. if you still have the car or are already done with restoration. Had the same color Gordini many years ago. 1976 model year. Do not do twitter. Need an e-mail address to contact you. Don’t know where you’re from, but, I live in Pennsylvania.

  9. (oops… sorry about the triplicate posting)

  10. Cedric says:

    Do you still have the 17 for sale?

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