A few bits and pieces for the Corolla

Any cheap car needs a bit of work when you get it. Double that for a really cheap car. I’ve got a little list of things to be done on the Corolla before I get it on the road for real. The first thing was to grab a few parts as we passed through Calgary. They have a larger scrapyard and thus a better chance of finding a similar Corolla. Online they claimed to have four of the correct years and I figured at least some of those would be front wheel drive sedans. When I got there they had exactly one. A 1986 example in brown but it would do.

1986 Toyota Corolla sedan

I was tempted to grab the fenders but they were quite rusty so left them and hoped I could fix mine up a bit. For $30 I got a new tail light and the small window for the rear door.

Junkyard bits

It took only a few minutes to replace the broken one.

Tail light replaced

In replacing it I also opened the trunk for the first time. This car was quite clean inside so it didn’t have any crazy stuff in it. This is the contents on the trunk. One empty garbage bag, two window cleaners, new brake pads (but for one side only so they are useless) and the stock tool kit for the jack.

Trunk stuff

The glass cleaner is actually a reasonably good degreaser. I cleaned up the engine compartment a bit to make it less of a mess to work around in. Not sure I’d use it on a fancier car but it was there and not much to lose here.

Small progress but getting there.

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