Winter Beater Purchased

In yesterday’s post I talked about my search for a winter beater. I took the hopefully more reasonable route and purchased a 1987 Toyota Corolla sedan. The price? Eighty dollars. Will take a few more to get it reasonable and on the road but hopefully I can keep the total cost well under three hundred. Off the top of my head I know it needs a rear tail light lens, one small rear window and a wiper blade as well as some sort of exhaust work.

The car is a fifth generation Corolla code name E80 which was the first generation of front wheel drive. The sporty SR-5 / GT-S stayed with rear wheel drive for a few years longer. Mine seems to be a US market car so it was built in the NUMMI plant located in Fremont, California. Chevrolet also made a badged engineered twin called the Nova. The engine is a 4A-C 1.6L SOHC four cylinder allegedly giving 90hp. Unfortunately it is paired with a three speed automatic which blunts any available power pretty well but at this price range you can’t be too choosey. Interesting that it still has a carburetor.

1987 Toyota Corolla

The first task will be a to clean the car up. The interior is pretty good but the engine compartment could use some help. I’ll need to source the missing bits and get it through a safety inspection. It is safely at home now – tucked in the garage because the small window at the back is missing on the other side.

Interior isn’t that bad. Working radio is a bonus. I thought it had low mileage but realized when I was driving home the speedo is in miles not kms so must have come from the US at some point. It has something like 187k miles on it so that ends up being something like 300k kms.

1987 Toyota Corolla

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