Honda hypermiler – 173mpg claimed

This Honda 600 based creation on eBay was built to get extreme fuel mileage. The buyer hasn’t been able to unearth too much of its history

The exact origins of this vehicle are unknown. It has been presumed to have been constructed by a engineering team near Detroit. An original registration from the car places it in Michigan in 1982. This car has been discussed on online chat forums over the years, (such as but no one has stepped up to claim the design or actual creation. It was also mentioned with a photo-caption in the October 1992 Automobile Magazine as it had been offered for sale in a collector car auction venue. Proof of the “Documented 173 MPG” has yet to be found. If this car achieved this astounding feat in the 80’s, it was likely done on a closed track under special circumstances. Nearly 20 years ago, around 1995, it was donated to a museum and subsequently not displayed. It has been hidden from the public in storage for most of that time. This car has not been registered for street use for at least two decades and will be sold on a Bill of Sale, and without a title.

The mechanical specifications are interesting with a second engine added as well as a significant amount of bodywork. The second engine is a diesel one cylinder linked to the stock 600 engine. I’d imagine the mileage record was set a low speed with just the diesel engine running but I am speculating. According to the seller:

It was modified in the 1980’s into a wind-cheating, fuel-efficient vehicle in an effort to maximize MPG. The original car chassis was lengthened in the front to allow for the addition of a second engine. The 2-cylinder engine mounted in front is believed to be the original Honda 600 variant with Serial Number N600E-1507852. The second engine mounted closer to the firewall appears to be a single-cylinder diesel of unknown origin. The two engines are apparently linked together utilizing a belt-drive pulley similar to what is found in a snowmobile. Two separate fuel tanks are mounted high on the firewall. The custom front nosepiece is constructed of aluminum and fiberglass and is mounted using machine screws around the firewall area. It is in need of minor repair as shown.

The rear section of the car had been lengthened as well and the battery was re-located into the rear “trunk” space. All new body panels were fabricated for the front and rear to create a slip-stream silhouette form with a boat-tail rear. The front and rear windscreens are also custom constructed with the rear having a complex compound curve. The underside chassis has a full length aluminum body pan that covers from front to rear as seen in the pictures linked below. All four wheels can be covered with detachable skirts using machine screws.

There are addition photos in this PhotoBucket gallery.

Stock looking Honda 600 interior

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