Dodge Colt survivor

I love cars that have managed to survive the years despite the odds. This 1976 Dodge Colt sedan looks to be just that type of survivor. A manual gearbox is certainly a welcome surprise as well as a lot of survivors had elderly owners which often means an automatic gearbox. The Mitsubishi 1.6L four cylinder engine was later used in Hyundai Ponys and Stellars so one could source a five speed gearbox from one of those if this is a four speed (I believe it would be).

the seller’s description:

Great little runner or would make for a great power train swap! Very similar to a datsun 510 in size and shape, made by mitsubishi for dodge (plymouth). Body is in great shape for the year! Engine runs great! 1.6L Very economical. Very cheap to insure. Starts every time i ask it to, was using this one as a daily driver for a while. I wanted to put a turbo nissan motor and tranny in it but fell in love with how cheap it is to run and how fun it is to bomb around in. Only selling to buy parts for my other car. Rims are Konig Rewinds and come with the car (will not sell rims separatly). Windshield, brakes, drums, shocks, struts, exhaust, tires are all good. Should pass saftey with no problems if you just want to sport it as is. $2500.00 OBO

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