Ultimate K-car wagon?

A LeBaron based Town and Country station wagon can be cool in an Eighties retro sort of way but when you add a monster turbo charged engine to mix that coolness level goes up several notches. It isn’t just the stock K-car engine with the boost turned up either but a Dodge SRT-4 drive train swapped in then updated to Mopar Stage 2 specs. The stock SRT-4 was a bit of monster but this would definitely be a handful to drive (in a good way) with the 1980s chassis.

from the seller’s ad:

This started out as a clean 1987 Chrysler Town and Country, factory 2.2 turbo with all the options. A donor ’05 SRT-4 provided the drivetrain, electronics, and brakes to turn this woody wagon into an amazing sleeper. Every option from the SRT-4 and the wagon is there, from ABS and remote entry to power front seats and A/C. The engine has been upgraded with a Stage 2 Mopar Performance ECU with Turbo Toys, a large front mount intercooler, and full 3″ exhaust. This car is faster than an SRT-4 and much more fun to drive.

It has been my daily driver for the past three years, the mileage started out at 26k and now shows 60k. The miles on the cluster are what the drivetrain has, the body started out at just over 100k. This has proven a very reliable car and has been on many long (500+ mile) road trips with no issues.

I recently moved and no longer have space for two cars. This is currently my daily driver so it will continue to accrue miles. NO TRADES, reasonable offers will be entertained.

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