FMC 2900R Motor Home

Now here is an interesting one – a FMC Motorcoach. These were high end RVs sold in the early 70s owned by various famous folks such as Clint Eastwood and Mario Andretti. Manufactured by FMC which stands for Food Machinery Corporation as FMC has roots in the canning business. FMC was later involved with military vehicle production and choose to diversify into the RV market. Their motor home was a 29′ model built between 1973 and 1976 with a rear mounted Chrysler 440cid V8 with a three speed 727 Loadflite automatic transmission. Interestingly the suspension is independent front and rear with the front utilizing a transverse leaf and the rear torsion bars. There where 1050 made with 135 being a bus version (slightly different mechanically) and the seller says his is number 355. According to this Popular Science review the FMC cost $30,000 (about the same as a medium sized house) in 1973. FMC signed a contract to build tanks and ended RV production after 1976 when the FMC listed for $55,000+.

The owner also seems to have a restoration blog with an additional gallery containing more photos.

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3 Responses to FMC 2900R Motor Home

  1. A lot more info to be found on these great coaches at this site:

  2. Jason says:

    Awesome looking RV. It’s an unforgivable shame that FMC only produced 1,000 units between 1973 and 1976. Even limited production RV production needn’t have ended after only 4 years.

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