Street Wheelers 2011 Show & Shine

I didn’t get to see as much of the Street Wheeler’s weekend as I usually do this year with missing the the cruise and auto-x completely. I did however get to the show and shine which was quite good this year and is held in the very nice Galt Gardens in downtown Lethbridge. I even entered my 1973 Mazda 808 Coupe which got mixed reaction but that is not surprising given the heavy American car flavour of the show. I probably should have done a little better job of washing it too. I did get a few nice comments as well a few good chats from people who remembered 808s or owned one back in the day. I also met a reader of this blog which was very nice indeed.

The Full Gallery of Photos

1973 Mazda 808 Coupe

I was amazed to this fantastic 1948 Lincoln Continental Mark II V12 at the show. Quite a rare car.

1948 Lincoln Continental Mark II V12

This 510 owner parked next to me for most of the show. There is a SR20DET swapped into it as well as a few other customs touches.

Datsun 510

VW powered Dune Buggy

Dune Buggy

1950 Chevrolet 3100 truck with flames

1950 Chevrolet 3100

Quite a rare 1937 Studebaker Express Coupe J-5. These classic trucks were on of the first attempted to provide a more civilized/upmarket truck. The cab and forward was mostly a Studebaker Dictator coupe and the rear was a 1/2 ton pickup box. Car like amenities where available. There were only 3,500-3,800 produced in 1937.

1937 Studebaker Express Coupe J-5

One of the few other Japanese cars at the show this Toyota Celica was very nice indeed.

1974 Toyota Celica

The Full Gallery of Photos

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