New Car for Canada Day – 1968 Ford Falcon sedan

Well I went ahead and bought another old car. It was spur of the moment. It is a 1968 Ford Falcon that ran and drove. Needless to say it needs some work. The interior is minimal and sourced from a Ford Tempo of all things but did seem to run decently. Brakes might need a touch of work. Should be just the thing to drive around with the kids for the summer. They certainly can’t wreak anything in it.

1968 Ford Falcon

It has a 200cid inline six engine that made 115hp @ 3800rpm and 190 ft-lbs @ 2200 rpm when new hooked to a Cruise-O-Matic three speed automatic gearbox. The third generation Falcon was based on the Ford Fairlane. There are are minor trim and interior differences between the 1966-1970 Falcons. The tail lights changed to square ones with the later cars and the grills are slightly different between years.

The engine was very dusty when I got it.

1968 Ford Falcon inline six engine

but a quick clean did wonders.

Cleaner engine

According to what I have found there where 29,166 four door Falcon sedans produced in 1968 (less than the two doors). Base price in the US was $2301 although I haven’t found a Canadian price as of yet. Weight is listed as 2714lbs. Length of 184.5″, width of 73.5″ and wheelbase of 111.0″.

The weakest part is the interior. The dash pad is in the back seat. Seats are from a Ford Tempo so I can probably find a better quality driver’s seat.

1968 Ford Falcon interior

I have some ideas for the dash pad.

Dash pad

Trunk almost looks like it was never used


1968 Ford Falcon on the way home. I had my two older boys with me. The wife was behind in our minivan but it made it the 30 minutes home with no issues.

1968 Ford Falcon

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