First drive in the 808!

My 1973 Mazda 808 coupe is insured and plated finally so natually I went for the first drive right away. Apart from re-adjusting to arm strong steering and vintage brakes it went well.

First Drive

I took each one of my kids for a quick ride around the block separately as I didn’t realize there where no back seat belts. Then I went for a longer drive on some back roads. I definitely need to get a muffler and it needs an alignment but otherwise drives well.

1973 Mazda 808 Coupe

Could definitely use a 5th gear as the engine gets rather busy at even sub highway speeds. I wonder if an 80s Mazda B2000/B2200 5spd would fit …

It was getting dark but I got a few quick shots.

1973 Mazda 808 Coupe

1973 Mazda 808 Coupe

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5 Responses to First drive in the 808!

  1. Dutch 1960 says:

    You can fit a later 5 speed but you will need to work the transmission tunnel (with a hammer) to make it fit.

    Those straight bumpers are a rare sight-and valuable now.

    The only real alignment you have is the toe-in. If the car is consistently pulling to one side, you have an issue. Stock, these like to wander and are sensitive to crowns in the road. 70s road manners to go with the steering and the brakes!

    • oldcarjunkie says:

      Do you know if a mid 80s Mazda B2000/B2200 5spd fits? Much easier to find than a 5spd, early 80s, rwd 626.

      It does seem to pull to the driver’s side a bit. I’ll check on the toe-in. Thanks

  2. Dutch 1960 says:

    I am not sure on the truck boxes. The 5 speeds I use are the RX3SP and they are the 4 speed with an extension attached, so the meat of the box is longer.

    If you are driving straight and the wheel is being turned to the right as in the picture, you have an issue that toe in will not fix. Check your tire sizes and make sure they are the same. If they are, have the alinement shop make sure the chassis is square and straight. If not, it can be fixed.

    If the steering wheel is simply not straight, that is an adjustment. If the car actually pulls always to the same side, it is a fix. Keep in mind that toe in will make the car more stable and wander less, but has nothing to do with the car consistently pulling to one side.

  3. Stephen says:

    Hey Dave looks great! I still remember driving in that car before Justin sold it to ya! Glad to see it running! Give a shout sometime would like to see it again!

  4. oldcarjunkie says:

    It is up and running – needs a few little bits of sorting but doing well so far. Epically leaked oil for a bit but I’ve got that fixed. I’m hoping to take it out to the LeBaron show this Saturday (but not in the show since they want an amazing $75) then out for street wheelers.

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