Best Pacer Ever?

Could this be the best Pacer ever? Its a 1976 Pacer X with a father/daughter build with classic Mopar colour scheme and a modern fuel injected Jeep inline six engine stroked to 4.5L teamed with a GM overdrive automatic. They also drove it the Hot Rod Power Tour and made it into the magazine. Always great to see offbeat cars getting restored. Great car, great story.

Anna Beth's 1976 Pacer X

Anna Beth's 1976 Pacer X

Check out the:

Build Photos

Hot Rod Article

Car Domain Page

Home Page with more info

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3 Responses to Best Pacer Ever?

  1. turbothedog says:

    We hava pacer. Sillver, not purpull. Sometimes i go for ridie in it. My Dadi think he wantsta sell it. It gets almost as much a tenshin as me!

  2. turbothedog says:

    We also have 1964 Chrysler 4 door ht w 383. I don’t know what that means, butt i do know it has pushbutton transmishin. I think it might eat the pacer one day. Funny thing is they both have torkflites and maybe even the same huge gas tank,

    btw, my spelling not so gud cause i’m a dog. Love those ridies in cars!!

  3. oldcarjunkie says:

    That is a neat set of cars you have. No worries on spelling here – I’ve always struggled with spelling.

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