1970 Vauxhall Viva GT

This Vauxhall Viva looks cosmetically fantastic especially with the GT package. Not many of these left in Canada and none where sold in the US.


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10 Responses to 1970 Vauxhall Viva GT

  1. Kentuckyguy1 says:

    Been enjoying tremendously the flkr pages, and just discovered your blog. You have posted some really cool cars, Lots of which I have never seen down here in Ky. Did notice though, Pontiac aka Beumont, Acadian and Mercury as well as Chrysler, But, No Oldsmobiles? And where all Fords in past just badged Mercury in Canada? In recent visits I of course saw Fords everywhere. especially Crown Vic cop cars. Even oddly enough I had a ’99 Explorer, built here in Lousiville Ky. a few miles up the road. Shipped,Sold and registered in Ontario, and found it’s way back to a KIA Dealer 20 miles from Louisville, where I bought it 4 years old with only 32,000 miles on it “ministry of transport” stickers on the door jamb! Just curious about the Olds, and haven’t seen alot of pics posted on American Motors stuff, except Pacers. Didn’t sell well up your way? How about Studebakers? I know the last 2 years they where built in Ontario before they completely closed. Love your stuff!.. John Morris, JAM.173@LIVE.COM In southern Kentucky.

    • oldcarjunkie says:


      We did get Mercurys as well but perhaps not the full range. Plenty of Oldsmobiles but generally Canadians buy smaller, cheaper cars than Americans so less of them. There where plenty of AMC stuff sold here too – lots of Eagles around here. Studebakers aren’t that common but where certainly sold here. Hudsons are really rare as they where taxed at a higher rate as mostly not assembled in Canada.

  2. steve W says:

    Wondering if anyone knows if this car is still available?
    I saw it in person in Olds in a trailer park

  3. Robert says:

    Is the1970 vaxhaull viva gt for sale and how much my email is rclissold@clissold.ca i am interested or in epic

  4. Roy E says:

    I owned a brand new Envoy Epic from 1969 to 1973 in Manitoba. I drove it 40,000 miles and maintained it properly. It was a terrible car, with frequent problems. (Head gasket blew, rad hose busted, exhaust fell off, shocks replaced, 3 starter solenoid switches, 3 clutch plates, EGR system failed twice & dealer removed it,( eliminating backfiring when cold & improving gas mileage from 33 to 40 mph), heater valve and cables failed, replaced speedometer cable, stick shift broke off in my hand, air filter iced up, car wouldn’t start in damp weather with the temperature near freezing unless it was plugged in. At the end, it wouldn’t go above 50 mph. That’s what I remember.
    I’ve never gone near a GM product since.

  5. Manuel Monteiro says:

    Is this car still available? How much? Is it a 2000? I’m really interested.

  6. Ron says:

    I have a 68 Viva Gt same as above photo but with the earlier narrow stripe and as I live in NZ it’s a RHD Great little car owned from 1974 to 1976 bought the same car back in 2010 to do a full restore, slowly getting there…….

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