Velorex 16-350

You either love or hate Velorex cars. I don’t think anyone has neutral feelings on them. I happen to love them as they are fantastically primal, full of character and unique. They are essentially a fabric body stretched over a tube frame with motorcycle mechanical bits. Not surprising as brothers František and Mojmír Stránský came from a bicycle repair background. Most people think since Velorex was built in Czechoslovakia that is a communist creation but they started way back in 1936 with a prototype with bicycle parts and sheet metal panels. After the war they swapped to leather cloth for the body panels and motorcycle components and where able to offer a car for a fraction of the price of a traditional vehicle. They even used the motorcycle gas tank as is.

This Velorex-16-350 example on eBay is part of the Model 16 run which was introduced in 1963. A Jawa 350cc two stroke engine powers the rear wheel and has a four speed gearbox. There is no reverse gear but the engine can run in reverse in effect giving four reverse gears.

These don’t come available too often as Czechoslovakia has restrictions on export of classic cars.

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2 Responses to Velorex 16-350

  1. Gerald says:


    I was looing at your photos on Flickr and you have a photo of a 1973 Comet GT white with an orange top. Do you have any other photos of this car? I had one like it back in the day and would like to see more photos if you have any.



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