1970 Subaru FF-1 Star Project

Japanese Nostalgic Cars Forums has a thread on the restoration of a rare to see 1970 Subaru FF-1. Can’t be too many of these in any kind of shape left in North America. Restoration of classic Japanese cars is only now starting gain acceptance and that is mainly for the mainstream sports cars so its nice to see someone putting some time and money into preserving an oddball one.

The FF-1 is significant because it was Subaru first “real” car sold in the US and one of the earliest Japanese front wheel drive cars. It also featured rack and pinion steering, fully independent suspension, interesting inboard front brakes and of course a “boxer” four cylinder engine. The 360 that came before it was too small and impractical. The 360’s rear engine layout was not continued but the Subaru FF-1 layout foreshadowed future Subaru cars.

Briefy history from Subaru

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2 Responses to 1970 Subaru FF-1 Star Project

  1. Van Baehr says:

    Nice project! I happen to have 5 FF1 bodies in the back yard that you should know about. I collected FF1’s in the Eighties because of the great engineering that was all hung on a tubular subframe. I am building a couple of little desert racers with the FF1 running gear. The bodies should go to someone who needs them – spare doors? spare glass? gas tanks? fenders?
    I am in Santa Fe, New Mexico, BTW. Let me know what you think, OK?
    Van Baehr

  2. manuel pinto says:

    Boa noite ando a restaurar un subaru ff 1 1300g sou de portugal

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