Mazda RX-510

The Mazda RX-510 was a concept car created to promote the soon to be released RX-3 / Savanna. It was first exhibited at the 1971 Tokyo Motor Show and heavily based on the RX-3. The middle section is obviously RX-3 / 808 with custom front and rear end styling. The front and rear apparently was a take on impact resistant bumpers. In my eyes the rear styling works well where as the front misses the mark a bit. The interior was stock except for the seats and it was powered by a 10A rotary engine with four speed manual gearbox. Check out the wheels with a rotor style cut outs.

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One Response to Mazda RX-510

  1. Eleonel says:

    Im looking for a junker that have to sale mazda rx3 and rx7 r100

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