Cold Canadian – Pontiac Acadian

I came across this rather solid looking Pontiac Acadian. This is an early one from the late 70s which looks very much like a re-badged Chevette that it is. The Chevette of course was Chevrolet’s version of the international T-car platform. The grill makes it a 1976-1978. These where sold in Canada so Pontiac dealers would have a small car to sell as often in small town there would be a Chevrolet or Pontiac dealer. Later when the US got its own Pontiac version, the T1000, the Acadians got a more unique looking appearance with a more Pontiac style grill. Apologies for the snow in these photos but winter just won’t leave this year. This one would be powered by either a 1.4L or 1.6L four cylinder with four speed manual or three speed automatic transmission.

Pontiac Acadian

Pontiac Acadian Logo

Pontiac Acadian

Yearly changes for the Acadian:








1986 (1987 the same)

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