Lethbridge Swap Meet 2011

For the first time in a long time I had some play money in my pocket when I attended the Lethbridge swap meet but selection seemed thinner than previous years at least to me. Perhaps it was because I took two of my young sons so there was less browsing time. I did get them a Hot Wheels car each – they picked a late 60s Ford Mustang in red and a blue Ford Maverick. I was quite tempted by a Suzuki Forsa turbo hatchback for only $850 but decided I’d really like a small convertible. The turbo inline three cylinder engines sold in many more variations and years in Canada than the US but are getting quite rare these days.

A full set of photos

1988 Suzuki Forsa turbo 1988 Suzuki Forsa turbo

1988 Suzuki Forsa hatchback with three cylinder turbo engine and 5spd gearbox.

Ford Model A 1987 BMW 325i convertible

I got there just after 10am and this Ford Model A was already sold. Certainly in nice shape. My middle son liked this red 1987 BMW 325i convertible the best – red and convertible is what grabbed him. $3500 was the asking price.

Project car 1931 Plymouth PA

Projects car on offer

Vintage motorcycles Vintage wheels

Vendor wares

Briscoe engine

Briscoe V8 engine – new one to me

1969 Datsun pickup Toyota Pickup

A few interesting finds in the parking including these older Japanese trucks

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