Ferrari 212 shell

Seems a real shame that this Ferrari 212 has lost its running gear and chassis to create a Barchetta. I guess just not enough value in this body style. The body its self looks to be in fabulous shape and looks great in blue. Hard to tell but it looks like the dash has lost its gauges but the seats look in good nick. The starting price of $50k and reserve not met is a bit daunting but this would be fabulous with a scratch built chassis, hot rod suspension and a more modern BMW or Jaguar V12 (the 212 originally had a Colombo V12 engine – seems only right to put a V12 replacement in). The result would likely be faster and better handling than the stock car too.

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2 Responses to Ferrari 212 shell

  1. FerrariForLife says:

    Check out these articles on the 212. VERY interesting info on the bodies for these models.

    1950 Ferrari 212 Inter

    1951 Ferrari 212 Export

    1952 Ferrari 212 Europa

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