Fiat tow truck on eBay

Now here is an odd one – a 1957 Fiat 1100 based tow truck. I’m not sure what it could tow with its 1089cc engine. It would definitely be interesting to know the story behind this one’s creation. The grill isn’t original but it sounds like the has the correct piece. The seller’s description is unique as the vehicle.

This is eggzactelly like it is posted in Los Angeles Craigslist:

Very unique, suicide doors, Maserati type Weber dcd carb, TV model 103, I have an extra front grill with the Tucker style center light that goes with it.
Special Alfa Romeo headlights new in dealer boxes with wiper motor and arm in center. These were only available in the northern areas (Sweden!!).
Lot’s of spares. It would need a little brake (hydraulics), and trans linkage work. The throw into reverse was too short and I took apart the linkage a while ago. No biggie. Email me your Phone # if interested.
Typical Fiat folks that normally when shopping for an oil filter prefer a used (one that is not too heavy!!) one, please refrain. The death of John Ross has got me a bit down and I would rather not have to choke anyone in the near future. On the up side, put a Ferrari emblem on it and really score with the ladies. “Hey babe, any a$$wipe can have the car, I’ve got the truck”!!

This info is not on the craigs ad: $6700 is the absolute lowest I will go on this.
It is registered as a utility vehicle and currently on non-op. The registration fees are very low as opposed to if it were a regular truck.

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