Antiques and Collectable Auto Jaguar SS100 kit

I scanned in this ad from an 80s Cars and Parts magazine for a Antique & Classic Automotive Jaguar SS 100 replica. Its not a bad effort, certainly better than the Mercedes aping Gazelle or even the Neo classics like the Clement. The poverty specification fake wire wheel hub caps let it down a bit. They where available in either rear engine Volkswagen Beetle or front engine, rear wheel drive Ford Pinto powered form. The Pinto one makes a lot more sense given that huge hood and lack of a tell tale Volkswagen air-cooled engine noise. Amazingly there is not one but two of these currently on eBay.

Antique & Classic Automotive Jaguar SS 100 replica ad

Again with fake wire hub caps

This one looks better with real wire wheels.

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11 Responses to Antiques and Collectable Auto Jaguar SS100 kit

  1. Jack Pearce says:

    To Old car Junkie
    I bought the body kit for the SS100 from Antique & Classic Automotive about 30 years ago. I am finally putting it on the road after extensive modifications. I used a Chev S-10 platform and suspension with a small block 350 engine. I extended the truck about 12″ to make it functional and rolled the fenders to hide the unsightly frame. I use 16″ rims but found the wire tooexpensive so went with solid rims. I replaced the hood with a custom made metal hood with louvers on the sides. Body red, fenders black and interior black with black roof and black tonneau cover.

    • jim severine says:

      Hi Jack……I recently purchased a 37 Jag. replica [Antique & Classic Automotive] mine is a Pinto 2.3 powered vehicle. You had made mention that you utilized 16″ rims on your vehicle. could you share….the source from which you purchased them from….as I would like to install 16″ on mine … give in a more jaunty/vintage appearance….In addition….I am looking to purchase a pair of gravel guards for the headlights. Hoping to hear from you… address is Cell phone [203] 537-

  2. oldcarjunkie says:


    Sounds like an interesting project. That V8 should provide very nice motivation and with a S10 frame parts should be easy to get. Best of luck finishing it off.

  3. Kat says:

    I have, in my possession, one of those SS100 Replica w/ Ford Pinto Engine … Its up for estate auction (owner passed) and need to find out more info on this vehicle in order to sell it for the estate… Its cute – but I have no clue as to its value …some cosmetic stuff..major one would be cracked rear fiberglass fender…any leads would be greatly appreciated. Its in Arizona now ..

  4. Kat says:

    Thanks – I’ll check out the link…Have a great day!

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  6. Bill Dingwell says:

    I too have SS 100 kit from Antiques and collectibles. What was the final wheel base of the S-10?
    The original car was 104 inches.

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  8. Philip Virgin says:

    Hello I have a super one of these Jaguar SS100,s here in England. The car is sitting on a 1952 AC Saloon frame and the kit was sent over here in the eighties.
    I f you would like a couple of pictures please let me know where to send them.


  9. Philip Virgin says:

    I wanted to say that I also have all the original catalogues and flyers from the company when this kit was supplied. This of course shows how to build it with the 280 stages of assembly.
    As my car is sitting on a 1952 frame it is now registered as a historical car by our government and is registered as a Jaguar SS100 with no road duty or any road safety test requirements, free motoring.


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