That extra crap that comes with a used car purchase

Its no secret I buy cars from the very low end of the market and this almost never involves getting a clean car. They are usually filled with all sorts of “stuff”. Most often its garbage that the previous owner couldn’t be bothered to clean out, fast food containers are always popular, but occasionally there can be bonus items like free tools or spare parts. Most recently my Datsun came with some low quality hand tools and a few spare parts such as a carburetor and new in packet wiper blades. The tools can definitely be tossed into the “taking to the junkyard tool box” where it is not the end of the world if I drop and lose in the long grass or mud. A spare set of pliers won’t go wrong either. It can be a fun, interesting and sometimes gross adventure to start with something like this

Full of stuff Needs a clean

and end up with this

1995 Lada Niva Cossack 1.7i interior Free tools

Out of the Lada Niva I pulled a few tie down straps, misc tools, a bucket of misc bolts, jerry can, side view mirrors from a large truck, random spare parts and a used female’s thong. And of course lots of trash but I do believe there was at least one garbage bag in there too which was handy.

Probably most interesting finds came out of my old Reliant Scimitar GTE. It came with some what looked like to me horse equipment, heavy chains, a neat suction cup mounted electric window defroster and best of all a vintage Fuzz Buster II radar detector. Its from the early 70s and has a differs from the original Fuzzbuster by the addition of K-Band. The oh so fake wood grain finish and over sized amber light give it a nice 70s vibe. According to The Radar Detector Museum it was produced by Electrolert Corporation in Troy, OH, USA.

Fuzzbuster Radar Detector

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