Interesting old automotive air pump

Check out this very odd antique air pump. You take out a spark plug from your car’s engine and install this kit to re-inflate a tire. There must be a valve to prevent unburnt fuel from entering the tire. Interesting idea but I can see why it didn’t catch on!

The seller also runs an interesting website worth checking out –

seller’s description

Antique Car Tire Pump. $75. From back in the days when men were willing to live a little dangerously!!

This thing hooks up to one of the cylinders on your car engine so you can pump and mixture of compressed air and gasoline into your tires!! Beats walking home plus you get the thrill she could blow at any moment!

You can tell by the car in the picture that this is not a new plastic gizmo. Overall it appears to be in good shape. Not sure why the hell I had to have it but it is one more thing I have to let go of.

Cool accessory if you have an old car or collect old car related junk!

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