Cawker City – huge cache of project vehicles

During the latest family vacation we happened to pass through a place called Cawker City in Kansas. Its a small town with a population in the five hundreds but absolutely choke full of fantastic old vehicles. Rows of cars, vans, and tractors with a emphasis on trucks. Not all in one place either but spread over the town. I talked a very friendly employee at the biggest site and he said they all belong to one man who is in the antique and scrap metal business as well as dealing in old vehicles. There was another site outside of town with even more vehicles but only accessible by 4×4. Given the loaded nature of the family minivan I choose to just enjoy what was on display in the town.

The contract info if anyone wants it is:
Bil Brummer
1250 Hwy 24, Cawker City, KS 67430
bilbru at gmail dot com

Ford truck

Click of a full gallery of photos

Studebaker truck Chevrolet Corvair Rampside International truck Dodge truck Ford truck International Metro Van Box on wheels GMC Bus Mac H63 Willys Row of trucks Chevrolet 3600 Suburban Carryall GMC Cab Over Truck Diamond T Chevrolet delivery van Chevrolet 1938 Ford truck Dodge truck Dodge truck 1948 Packard Eight

The town is also home to the World’s Largest Ball of Twine which is worth seeing all by its self.

World's Largest Twine Ball
photo by aschweigert

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