Canadian Lada Niva Pickup

The SUV style Lada Niva while not common is certainly around in Canada but the pickup version is quite rare. I saw this orange truck years ago in a Walmart parking lot and then again outside of Calgary’s Lada destination – Ansel Motors. Its since been sold up to Edmonton, Alberta.

1990 Lada Niva Truck

These pickups where built in Halifax Autoport in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada using standard Niva components as well as the Chevrolet truck tail lights and coach built rear section.

Another Niva truck has shown up in North Alberta for sale.

from the seller

Rare and VERY hard to find …very Collectable…97 hp.1600cc……10 speed, all in one Cab and and manual….sealed under body… box liner….undercoated…custom wheels….niece shape… 4×4 Lada Truck IN the Grande Prairie AREA …$6000.00 obo

There is a few errors in the listing (those are BSA alloys that where optional and every pickup I’ve seen has had them) and its a 4spd or 5spd with low and high ranges but body wise it looks nice and solid.

As a bonus here is the only literature I’ve seen with it mentioned

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25 Responses to Canadian Lada Niva Pickup

  1. Paul says:

    Hi there. I’m the current owner and driver of the orange Lada. Thanks for the info. You’ve filled in some info I didn’t know about the truck. I used it as a daily driver for about a year and now it’s a secondary vehicle since the birth of my daughter (only two seat not as practicable). The rust in the bed is starting to worry me but I’ll do my best to keep it on the road.

    • oldcarjunkie says:

      Nice to hear from you. I love that orange truck – such a neat vehicle. I’ve owned a handful of standard Nivas. I hope by posting it more information comes out of the woodwork.

  2. Garry says:

    I saw the red one for sale in grande Prairie, it is still for sale, nice looking little truck, am thinking of buying it my self actually. I looked at it, very little rust and only 30,000km on it. Will make an awesome machine to take out off roading( with some modifications that is,lol)

  3. Sundog says:

    I saw the red one today in Grande Prairie, and unfortunately the rear spring carriers, inner wheel wells, and bottom of box have rust through – the more concerning rust being the rear spring tower area. Aside from that, the truck seemed clean enough.

    Im a german car enthusiast, but need something for the winter, and was considering this truck. It needs some serious metal work to pass an inspection though.

    • oldcarjunkie says:

      They are quite rare and worth saving but sounds like a lot of work for a winter beater. How much is he asking these days?

      • Sundog says:

        The owner wasn’t around, it was on his friends property. The friend thought he’d take $2500 for it (a far cry from the 6k he was asking) but I got the feeling that both the friend and owner are aware of the structural rust.

        The novelty of owning a rare car usually makes me impulse buy, Im going back for a second look this week, will keep you posted!

  4. oldcarjunkie says:

    Best of luck – I hope it works out.

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  6. Sundog says:

    Quick update!

    Its still for sale, he lowered the price to $1400.

    I talked with the owner via email, and mentioned the rust I found (which is noticable)
    I got no reponse, so gave up on the idea of bringing a Lada Truck back to life.

    Still for sale as of early January 2012

  7. yoda says:

    Those must be Astro van taillights; at first I thought they were from the GMT400 pickup but there’s a teal-green one (how ’90s!) behind the red Lada in the bottom pic, and its’ tails are clearly much rounder.

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  9. George says:

    I am looking for a lada Niva if any One has or knows Of one would like to hear
    In alberta preferably
    My email address is

  10. Pete Lynne says:

    I have a Lada Niva for sale…….although your site has no activity, if you get this, contact me
    I live just outside Onoway, Alberta
    Truck needs a fuel pump, but only has surface rust…body is solid..hate to just take it in to Pic N’ Pul because it will then die in there

  11. Greg V says:

    This is probably a long shot, since there isn’t much activity but I am looking for a Niva Lada. Feel free to email me at


  12. Anton says:

    Not sure if I bought the red one but I just got a 1992 Lada Niva pick up. I was told it originally came from Alberta. Shows 31000 on the clock (probably 131000) and now based in the Ottawa / Gatineau area. Very pleased with my purchase.

  13. Charlie says:

    Dont know if you will get this but i have one of these pickups. No frame rust at all, only on the door. It doesnt have bwa wheels it has the steelies and the rear end and clutch are gone, but i have another niva and will maybe fix it

    • oldcarjunkie says:

      Definitely worth fixing. They are very rare and would make a very unique vehicle once finished. Ontario and Northern BC seemed to get most of them. The eastern ones probably mostly rusted out.

  14. Charlie says:

    Im located in british Columbia, the car is unknown i bought it from an old guy on his death bed, $200 with 99,000 km on the odo, how many do you think are known to exist? I know a guy with maybe that orange one its rusted out completely.

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