F.E.D. Datsun 210ZX

The automotive brochure sellers Autolit have this interesting ad for a 210ZX. Its a fiberglass body kit for a Datsun B210 made by a company called F.E.D. I’ve been unable to find anymore information on the kit or the company but it must be early 80s by the 280ZX reference. The literature makes some vague claims that it might improve fuel economy but that seems a bit doubtful with the body been widened. Still it gives the B210 a very different look. The rear is quite successful in my option and gives it an aggressive, almost rally car appearance. The front is less successful with a generic 70s kit car look hindered I’m sure by sticking to the B210 hard points. With the very short A-series engine that the B210 used it would have been nice to see a lower nose possibly with flip up headlights but probably wouldn’t have been cost effective.

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5 Responses to F.E.D. Datsun 210ZX

  1. Prosper Performance says:

    I actually just bought one of these off Craigslist in DFW…. I am in the process of restoring… I’d like to find others out there who also own one of these rare B210’s with the FED Bodykit…. Anybody have an idea of how many where built,… and how many are still alive?

  2. oldcarjunkie says:

    I see you posted more photos at: http://japanesenostalgiccar.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=18258

    Very nice!

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