Update – Datsun 210 – new transmission needed

I’ve been silent on the clutch change since I got back from vacation but as it turns out my 1981 Datsun 210 needs a new transmission. When I went to change the clutch I noticed that the clutch in there looked rather new. That matched the seller’s best recollection of it getting a new clutch before being parked. Seems the garage had the same idea as me that the car needed a clutch. But it turns out the transmission is at fault. When I removed it and took a closer look it seems to be stuck in a gear. It can be in neutral and I turn the drive-shaft end over and the input end still turns. I’m also not able to select reserve anymore. I was unable to open up the gearbox because of this as well – all the bolts are removed but it is stubbornly stuck together. So its decision time, I see a few options:

1.) sell can with bum transmission – I can’t imagine it will bring much money
2.) source a decent used transmission
3.) swap in a different engine/transmission

Obviously option one is the easiest to do but I’m more tempted by option two if I can find one for a decent price. The engine runs well, the body is rot free and interior decent. Option three has a lot of appeal but not sure if I want that big project right now and the rear axle isn’t super strong for any wild engine swaps.

Gearbox out - Datsun 210 4 speed

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One Response to Update – Datsun 210 – new transmission needed

  1. Frank says:

    Got a wild 58 BMW Isetta project and 79 Datsun pickup with a hot little motor looking for good homes, email me back and I’ll show them to you.

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