Oddities in Texas

In Sulphur Springs, Texas I spotted this fantastic custom. Looks like an 80s Chevrolet or GMC van combined with a boat. Interesting look for sure. Apologies for the poor photo quality but taken through a cracked and dirty windshield.

Odd boat van combination

This odd custom truck was in car lot in near by Greenville, Texas. Looks like a Chevrolet or GMC was the base. Nose looks a bit 80s super car .

Quite odd custom truck

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2 Responses to Oddities in Texas

  1. Ed White says:

    The yellow truck is called a Shadi. I used to do renderings for the shop that built those. In fact, I just yesterday added to my facebook about them.. See here.. https://www.facebook.com/#!/media/set/?set=a.466147796788143.1073741836.122900751112851&type=1

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