Mid engined, electric Honda N360

Vintage micro cars are always fascinating to me. Most don’t have enough power to make them a usable everyday car but this project could be with a powerful electric motor, VW transmission mounted in the rear of a Honda N360 micro car.

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3 Responses to Mid engined, electric Honda N360

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  2. arfian says:

    hey…so good , if the vintage car stiil can go on in the streets, ut i’m interesting with electric motor from vw, pleas give me detail information about electric machine for small car, thank’s

    arfian taufik

  3. Irwin Mainway says:

    Any info on the electric motor and power source?

    I know about the transmission – it looks to be a VW ‘020’ series used on smaller transverse engine VWs (1975 Scirocco 1.5L 4-speed through 2001 Cabrio 2.0L 5-speed). Could also find on Rabbit, Rabbit P/U, Cabriolet, Golf, GTI, Jetta and 16v versions.
    Honda N360 – 354 cc aircooled motorcycle engine in front, with the N600 having the larger 599cc engine and actually could spot one here in the States, from 40 years ago.

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