Wild Custom

Eight wheels, dual rotary engines, and a funky fiberglass body. This wild custom on eBay is amazing. Not sure how it was ever supposed to work (look at those rear axles – not possible to connect to the engine). Unless this is front wheel drive I can’t see a way to get power to either the rear axles when the flanges face each other. Perhaps it was envisioned as a show only car. Would be nice to see how the dual rotary engines are set up but the air filter cover is blocking the view. Quite a bit of money in parts on this one I suspect. Those Dellorto carbs plus intakes would bring some money, as would the Jaguar rear ends and 4x MSD ignitions so I suspect this one will end up being parted out. Shame as its an unworkable monster for sure but the workmanship seems very well done.


How is this ever supposed to work?

Two rotary engines

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One Response to Wild Custom

  1. oldcarjunkie says:

    An update:

    more pictures have come out as a Speedycop has purchased the beast.

    blog entry: http://www.speedycop.com/component/content/article/4-informational/63-project-glcoat-has-arrived-this-car-is-insane.html

    and photo gallery: http://ronman.org/pics/speedycop/index.htm

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