Nissan Pao

The Nissan Pao is one of the best executed “Retro” cars in my opinion probably because it wasn’t trying to directly copy an exact car but more taking inspiration from the style of the time period. The ones that try to emulate a specific car tend to look like a bloated or overstuffed version of the earlier car. The MINI, New Beetle, Camaro, and Challenger all suffer from this. The Pao on the other hand looks scaled correctly. Inspired by utilitarian compacts of Europe like the Austin A40, Renault 4 and and any number Citroens the Pao features a large canvas roof (optional), roof rack, character lines on the doors plus external window hardware and door hinges. The rear is not a modern hatch but has a tailgate on the bottom and a lift hatch for the top. Like the equally retro Figaro and Be-1 the Pao is based off the K10 Micra and produced at the Nissan Pike factory. Of the three the Figaro probably commands the most money these days but there a Pao on permanent display in the Museum Of Modern Art in New York. Pao production was limited to roughly 10,000 and they where only sold in Japan when new but have found their way to other markets as used cars like Canada and the UK.

Nissan Pao

Nissan Pao

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