1978 Datsun F10 on eBay

A 1978 Datsun F10 wagon in baby food green/yellow colour with fake wood grain on the side … doesn’t get much more 70s than this. Being an eastern car its got rust but the opening bid is pretty low. Its even got at least three of one of the ugliest hub caps going. Fantastic!


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1 Response to 1978 Datsun F10 on eBay

  1. datsunrally says:

    I am searching for a remote brake fluid reservoir for a Datsun F10. We never got that model here in Australia so finding one has been extra hard. The part is required for the restoration of an ex-works Datsun PA10 rally car.

    If anyone can help please contact me at dirt_team at yahoo dot com dot au (just turn that into an email address).

    Thanks heaps,


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