Another Canadian oddity – Fortvac Bernardi

On eBay is another interesting Canadian car most people have never heard of – the Fortvac Bernardi. Produced in Quebec the body was based on a British Cimbria kit car with American engines placed in the middle. Options ran from V6s to 455cid V8 engines.

eBay Motors Link

Description from seller:

**Car is 1986. Because vin is less than 17 digits had to list it as 1980.**

Ask people to name a gullwing door car made in Canada and you will probably get the response: The Bricklin. However there is another one. It was made in the mid 80’s by Fortvac Automobile Canada Inc. in Quebec.

It was a mid engined DOT (Department Of Transportation) approved car and they only made between 3-17 cars (I am still trying to narrow it down, but information is very hard to find on this car). The body was based on the English kit car body of the Cimbria but heavily modified. The whole rear clip opened up instead of a tiny hood and the lower body was redesigned with ground effect fairings. It has manual gull wing doors that function properly. The original Pantera style rear spoiler is not installed but is included.

They made their own steel rectangular tube frames and this particular car has an Oldsmobile Rocket 350 and the automatic transmission from the GM Toranado. Apparently engine choices varied from 6 cylinders to 455’s.

Car is in good original condition but deserves to be fully restored. I have driven it to numerous car shows and it always attracts a huge crowd. It has been repainted in the original white colour at some point. The paint is very shiny but has some small chipping and a few hairline cracks. All the gauges function but the speedo is not accurate. I think the cable binds in it’s sleeve. Since all mechanical parts are from American manufacturers, parts replacement is very easy. Example: according to the original service manual that is included, the 4 wheel disc brakes are from a Corvette.

The side windows are glass and hinge open, they do not go up and down. The drivers side mounting pins are broken but I don’t leave the windows on it anyways. The door key lock and release buttons on the side of the car are not functioning so to open the doors there are release pulls inside. I would add door poppers and get rid of the exterior lock and buttons.

The interior is original down to the stereo and the goose neck Blaupunkt equalizer. The parking brake handle is seized. It has an after market back up camera installed.

Headroom is an issue for tall occupants. I am 5’9″ and it is ok for me. There is a drop floor on the drivers side, but I would drop it another couple inches and add one to the passenger side as well.

I have been as honest as possible with the description of this super rare car and will answer any more questions if requested. Thank you and happy bidding!

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2 Responses to Another Canadian oddity – Fortvac Bernardi

  1. My name is Christian Fortier and the guy who built the Bernardi is my brother Richard , he died 2 years ago . If you need information about the Bernardi let me know 🙂

  2. Doug Adams says:

    Have just bought the Bernardi, please e-mail me, thank you.

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