Canadian Rarity – Enterra Vipre

Another interesting chapter in Canada’s automotive history is the Enterra Vipre. Like most relatively recent automotive stories it starts with government money – in this case Enterra received tax breaks, loans, etc from the Scientific Research Council of up to ten million dollars. The result was a re-body and interior re-trim of a top of the line Fiero SE V6 much like a kit car but only offered through General Motors dealers. Interestingly their factory was in British Columbia which is a definitely a non-traditional location for an automotive manufacturer. Buyers had their power train warranty intact and could additionally purchase a warranty on the Enterra pieces. In the end there where only 36 cars built before the molds where sold to a California company.

Internet resources are scarce on the Vipre but the page out there is

Nice use of Chevrolet Cavalier tail lights

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5 Responses to Canadian Rarity – Enterra Vipre

  1. Karl says:

    Another Canadian Car you might want to have a look at is the HTT Plethore

  2. Rob Donovan says:

    Love the lines…I drive one of these cars daily…fun car to drive…and nobody knows what it is.

  3. Richard LUEHR says:

    I built them in 2 factory locations,own 2 today

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