Spare Lada Niva sold

I had found myself owning a spare Lada Niva. I didn’t need it as my 1995 one was better in every way – it had fuel injection, the body was much more solid even the seats where better but it took me a while to finally put the red 1991 up for sale. Partly because I liked it and partly because I knew the cheaper the vehicle the more crazy the potential buyers there are. I suppose its to be expected that a low price tag will bring out the dreamers and a cheapskates (I’ll admit I can fall into both categories at various times) but the delusional oddballs can be the most interesting. In my ad I clearly stated the Niva needed work. I explicitly spelled out that it needed tires and a windshield plus some minor brake work. If anyone called or emailed I again let them know that it couldn’t be driven home and in fact one of the tires had a huge hole in it. But still I had person after person show up and say something to the effect that they thought that it would pass a safety inspection and they’d have a winter with no work needed. It wasn’t a negotiation tactic because they’d just walk away without an offer. Did they really think I’d understate the need to replace three worn and old tires plus a fourth that had a fist sized hole in it from being worn and old? I had some that thought they could jump in and drive a couple hundred kilometers home. I wouldn’t have driven it around the block. Of course the costs to rejuvenate it will be higher than the asking price. That is way it was so cheap – needs work – its a project. Heck changing all the fluids on a 4×4 will cost a decent amount of coin. I had one email just to tell me what a pile of crap it was and that I should just give it to him. Then another lady who claimed to be a poor broke student with no money but she’d trade me some breeds imported from South America. Perhaps that was code for something … I don’t know. Eventually two guys came to look at it that where reasonable. They wanted something for beating around in the bush. Perfect. The cracked windshield really doesn’t matter if you aren’t going to register it for the road. They had a set of tires and rims from a Suzuki that would bolt up as well. So in the end they where the perfect buyers and the Niva went to a good home. Niva’s are happiest off road.

1991 Lada Niva

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