Fargo A-100

The Dodge A-100 vans and trucks are reasonably uncommon and even the regular Fargo trucks are around but the made in Canada Fargo A-100/A-108 versions are down right rare. I’ve only seen one Fargo A108 van myself. Here is a A-100 truck in Fargo form for sale.

Seller’s description:



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6 Responses to Fargo A-100

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  2. Randy Jarvis says:

    Hello they are rare but not gone I have an original 1964 a100 Fargo truck in my garage. It was bought new by my neighbor in nov 63. It has 57k on it and the best part is its bright red. If you want pics email jarfarm@msn.com

  3. Steve H. says:

    Does anyone actually know the production numbers for Fargo A100 pickups? The numbers can be tracked down for the Dodge A100 pickups, including how many had rear corner windows. But I have never been able to find Fargo production figures. I believe they are extremely rare, but would like to know how rare. I too own a Fargo A100 pickup too, and it is the only one I have ever seen live (seen a few pictures online). Anyone who has or knows where to track down production numbers I would love to hear from.

    • Derrick says:

      I know of a Fargo A-100 truck, & I own a A-100 Van. I also own a really rare Dodge -100 Camper Van.

      • Derrick says:

        My Van Is an Original Fargo!

      • Steve H.. says:

        Hi Derrick. Do you know of any source for production numbers on the Fargo A-100 pickups and vans? We all agree they are extremely rare, but nobody seems to actually know how many were produced in each year. My 1969 Fargo pickup was bought from its years of duty as a farm truck and is completely stock and unrestored. Everyone slows down to check it out – lots of thumbs up no matter where it goes. Has the quirky appeal that puts a smile on everyone’s face! Would like to know how many were made, there sure are not many left in existence, particularly with the rear corner cab windows.

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