Front rotor and pad replacement on Nissan Quest Minivan

This is how I replaced the rotors and pads on the front brakes of my 2004 Nissan Quest minivan. Should be similar to most other Nissans that share the FF-L platform such as the Altima or Maxima. I don’t have a manual or such for the vehicle so for entertainment use only.

These where worn down plus they’d warped on a recent trip to the mountains.

Before - old brakes

Caliper bolts top and bottom – 17mm

Caliper bolts

Floating caliper off and tucked out of way. Rest it on something so no stress on brake lines.

Floating caliper off and tucked out of way

They are really, really tough to get off. First I heated them with a propane torch (careful of the rubber bits) then I used a 22mm wrench and beat on it with a hammer until they broke free. Once loose switched to a 22mm socket and socket wrench.

Heat caliper bolts to loosen

Caliper off finally

Caliper off finally

Caliper off finally

Rotor off

Rotor off

Put the new rotor on (clean with brake fluid cleaner first!) then fixed bit of the caliper goes on.

New rotor on

Loosen brake res cap lid a bit. When pushing in the caliper pistons a little fluid make leak out – I put out so paper towel to catch it.

Brake fluid

Push the two pistons back in to caliper – the trick is to get both at once. I used a piece of wood and a C-clamp.

Push piston back in to caliper

Caliper goes back on. All finished. Looks nice and shiny for now.


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5 Responses to Front rotor and pad replacement on Nissan Quest Minivan

  1. earl says:

    nice pix

    i would have personally used the old brake pad instead of a block of wood

    heat wrench should be used as a last resort!

    a long breaker bar and pre-soak with something like PB Blaster penetrating oil is preferred to get that caliper mount off

    i’ll also use some anti-seize and torque to specs for the caliper mount bolts for easier removal in the future brake jobs

    for torque specs and exploded diagrams, but the pics are better for easier reference

    • oldcarjunkie says:

      The heat was the last resort. I suspect the bolts where over tightened at the dealership last time it was done.

      I believe that is the workshop manual I have – great to be able to download it!

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