Syrena Sport

One of the most interesting and beautiful Eastern Block cars was a semi-official project worked on after hours by mostly FSO engineers. Inspired by the sports cars of the West they decided to build one of their own. Looking quite advanced for 1960 it featured front wheel drive, a fiberglass body and plexiglass side windows. Very loosely based on the FSO Syrena but with an all new four stroke, boxer two cylinder engine displacing 750cc. From a modest 25hp top speed was apparently a rather decent 120km/h.

After some of the initial bugs where worked out it made several public debuts and there was some murmurs of production. Production officials felt it was not what FSO ought to be building and there was likely so trepidation about the advanced plastic construction so the Syrena Sport was hidden away from public view. Unfortunately communist officials caught wind of it in the early 1970s and when to the extraordinary length of having a committee oversee its destruction. There have been a few attempts at scratch built replicas over the years but none have come to fruition. Shame.

Image from Wikipedia

Image from Wikipedia

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