Demolition Derby

I have never attended a demolition derby before but always had mixed feelings about them. They do look like a lot of fun but the destruction of cars always seems to be a waste. But generally these are cars that no one else is willing to fix up usually because its not cost effective to get them roadworthy. So it is a shame to see them die but they probably where not going to make it back on the road. Hopefully the trim bits where salvaged and used to save another car. With that said I took my youngest son with me. Unfortunately it was cold and wet alleged summer day. The high was 8C (46F) and with a constant drizzle meant we had to jump indoors a couple times to warm him up. An overpriced hot dog helped quite well though.

With being such a very muddy day the cars had some trouble getting traction with the rainy conditions.

Demolition Derby

I was a bit surprised to see a fourth generation (1974-1976) Buick Riveria at the demolition derby. I know they aren’t as distinctive as the earlier ones but would have though someone would have wanted to fix it up. This one was still running and driving at the end of the day.

Buick Riveria

Late 70s Lincoln Continental at the demolition derby. Neat exhaust pipes through the hood.

Lincoln Continental



Put out quickly

Putting the fire out

Great, friendly folk at the demolition derby. One of the announcers having a laugh with some people in the crowd.

Demolition Derby

This station wagon was the winner. It came out pretty banged up so obviously a veteran of a few events.

Station wagon

Sound of the cars had to be hauled away

Lincoln Continental

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