Pontiac YellowBird

I recently came across a 1980 Pontiac YellowBird in Calgary. I seem to recall seeing a few Skybirds (the blue one – they couldn’t call it BlueBird due that name was in use by the bus company) when growing up and perhaps a few YellowBirds but none lately. There was also a red one called RedBird. I’d forgotten about them as I suspect most have. They are not performance packages so probably over shadowed by the Trans Ams but they are very visually distinctive. They are also interesting in that they where likely aimed at the female market with the feminine styling touches.

A brief history on these rare birds:

1976 – Pontiac showed a Blue Bird show car.
1977 – Pontiac launched the SkyBird which was available on the Esprit, Formula and Trans Am.
1978 – The SkyBird was continued to be offered but was updated with the 1978 Firebird model year changes to the grill, interior and engine options. The RedBird was also launched mid year.
1979 – The Firebird has its front bumper redesigned and thus the RedBird did as well.
1980 – The YellowBird was the final variant and featured yellow trim on the tail light, Camel Tan interior

I came across Hoghead’s Skybird, Redbird, and Yellowbird Page is absolutely fantastic and chock full of details.

1980 Pontiac Firebird Esprit Yellow Bird

1980 Pontiac Firebird Esprit Yellow Bird

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2 Responses to Pontiac YellowBird

  1. jeff diettert says:

    I have had a yellowbird since 1980. I purchased the car with a thousand miles on the vehicle. I would like to post some photo’s but need help on doing so.

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