Tires and Wheels for the Niva

My Niva had BWA alloy wheels on it which I liked the look of but are not the strongest for offroading and the front rims kept rusting to the spindle. The tires where toast as well. But my 1991 had a new set of tires and 16″ steel rims which where a little rusty.

I think this was the worst one. First step was to take off as much rust possible, then prime and paint.

Wheels before

Looking better already with the surface rust gone and a layer of primer on.

Wheels primed

Very white paint. The stock colour seen on the red Niva beside is more off white. We’ll see if I like this white.

Wheels painted

Wheels finished

The Niva with its new tires and on 16" steel rims now.The Cossack fender flares look a bit odd now but these tires should excellent off road. The BWAs can go on the 1991 now.

1995 Lada Niva with new wheels and tires

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2 Responses to Tires and Wheels for the Niva

  1. rloewy says:

    Very nice looking. This is going to be one great little truck.

  2. oldcarjunkie says:

    Thanks – its coming together very nicely. I’m amazed how nice the body is underneath as well. I got the ’91 running tonight too.

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