Toyota AA found?

Interesting thread on Japanese Nostalgic Car Forum on the Toyota AA.

The Toyota AA is an interesting car in many respects. It was Toyota’s first production car and had styling inspired by the Chrysler Airflow. As far as anyone knew all the Toyotas AAs where lost. Toyota even went to the trouble to create some replicas.


But it looks as if an original AA had been found in Russia. Its been extensively modified which most old cars in Russia have been in order to keep them going.

and turned up in the National Louwman Museum in Holland.

1936-1943 Toyota AA

from the museum’s site

Almost no one had expected that somewhere in the world has an original copy of the first car model of Toyota are the AA. The Toyota factory museum in Japan even has a replica be produced. Around 2008 the AA, however, arises in the Russian Vladivostok. He had since World War II owned a Siberian farmer and is likely to come to Russia as war booty. The car has always driven the country and has been heavily modified. The examination of the history is still ongoing.
Toyota is the Museum Louwman taken directly from the grandson of the
original owner. It has taken seven months to get the car in the Netherlands. Including the Russian Ministry of Culture was authorized to allow the car to be exported, because more than fifty years old. The car is by train from Vladivostok to Moscow and then driven by truck to the Netherlands.
Except the oldest, this is also the only known war for Toyota in the world.

The Toyota AA is made from 1936 to 1943 and was equipped with a 3.3 six-cylinder engine of 62 hp. The design is inspired by that of the Chrysler Airflow. There are approximately 1,400 copies made. Besides, there was a saloon AA
convertible version, the AB.

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