Plymouth Cricket

This week’s for sale find is a British built Plymouth Cricket. A captive import, Plymouth rebadged the Hillman Avenger. It was not a massive success and very few are left. Retains the funky “hockey stick” Hillman tail lights. This one used to belong to a friend of mine a few years back.

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42 Responses to Plymouth Cricket

  1. Erica says:

    Hi, my names Erica. Me and my father have a red 1975 cricket, but were trying very hard to fix it up. We are missing very few parts but want to keep it as original parts in it. So we are trying are best to get some Original parts for my car, its for my 16 b-day. Its a good way for me to spend some time with my daddy, fixing up my car. I lovveee the way it looks and would reallyyy like to know if you wont mine tell me if you would like to sell some parts. Seeing that your right, theres not very many left, it would be AMAZING to have all the Original car there. So could you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, get back to me 🙂 thanks good day 🙂

    • oldcarjunkie says:

      Congrats on such a cool car. I don’t have any parts myself but your best bet is probably the Hillman Avenger club or Hillman Avenger parts on eBay.

  2. Ben says:

    Hi Eric and Dad, I have a few cricket parts still. what parts do you need?
    I’m 30 miles south of Atlanta, GA

  3. Erica and dad says:

    Um we need alot really. Like little bits and pieaces of stuff under the hood and little things to make it run.. Really are car is missing a few diffrent things. We live 65 minutes from vancover in bc.

    • jc says:

      I have a NOS new in the box outside drivers mirror for a Plymouth Cricket. Thought I would mention it to you before it goes on eBay. Located in Canada as well. Thanks

      • Erica and dad says:

        oh my god really ! thats great. i am very interested in that, how much would you want for it . 🙂 ??

  4. ron says:

    Is the 1971 cricket for sale still?
    If it is PLEASE contact me!

  5. William says:

    I called the owner of the car at this present time, and it is for sale. What I would wish to know is what your friend did, had done to, or knows about the history of the car to see if the car is a good car or not.
    Is the car in the picture there not a three speed auto, with a/c and a clocked 49000 miles on it. Would he know if it has rolled over or not because the odometer only goes to 99000 miles. Plus would he happen to know if the car is a twin carb or a single, and what types of options it has.

    It would be greatly appreciated to know any info on the car.

  6. Andrew says:

    Greetings friends, anyone know if there is a club or group of friends that only have plymouth cricket, since some time ago and I check on the web if someone tienne crickets in good condition or if the gun club but it seems that ste car in the U.S. is already extinct.

  7. K Lockett says:

    I have a 100% complete 1972 Plymouth Cricket 4D Sedan. It hasn’t run in years and was given to me. I was wondering what its value might be.

    • oldcarjunkie says:

      Depends on how much rust it has. I’d say something like $500-1000 is probably realistic if not rusty.

      • K Lockett says:

        Thanks. The car has a tiny bit of rust on the bottom of the right rear quarter panel and some damage to the right front fender. It would of course need to be totally repainted (it is white).

    • Ben says:

      I’m inclined to agree with oldcarjunkie on the value. The Cricket I had was getting 21 MPG with worn carburator. I found a good “secondary ” carb on a duel carb Cricket at a junk yard and adapted it for us as a Primary (only card on a single carb Cricket). It then got 35 MPG on the highway. The body style is rather attractive. My main dislike was the plastic / vinyl interior. I still have a few odd Cricket parts. When I gather them and inventory them, I’ll post them for sale. If your’s is anywhere near fixable, it would be a very economical run around car. I am in Georgia, USA near Atlanta, GA.

      • K Lockett says:

        Thanks, Ben in Georgia. I am in central Texas. As I stated, the car was given to me by an elderly gentleman that is a friend of mine. As best I can tell, the car IS 100% complete but has not run in some 30 years. It sat 98% of that time in a parking garage. I believe the dual carbs were the problem that caused the car to be parked.

      • Ben says:

        It sound like you are doing the better thing in getting word out like you are. I’ve “saved search” items on ebay to see what the actual items are selling for , and the auction listings tend to give a true indication of an item’s value. The duel carbs make it more desirable, but still it is a vehicle that was not really popular even when new. I don’t know if auto or manual transmission would be more desirable, mine was auto when I got it then I changed it to manual after the auto transmission started slipping. For me I enjoy manual tran on a car of this type. There are several FREE places to list old cars as classified type ads. Ebay generally has the greatest coverage, but it cost to sell or list. Hope you can do something with it or find someone with an appreciation for it. Some high school and tech school programs restore cars as training projects. Perhaps you could even get a good tax write off for a donation. ( I’d hate to see it go to the local charity just to be scrapped though.)
        Keep us post as to the outcome.

    • Scott Falconer - Oak Ridge, TN says:

      Do you still have the Cricket sedan for sale?

    • Eric A. Fritz says:

      still have the cricket?

  8. ron wescott says:

    If anyone knows of a Cricket for sale PLEASE contact me
    Ron 603-571-7975

  9. Ben says:

    I have listed 4 doors for a plymouth cricket on the Atlanta Ga craigslist. Here is the link.

  10. steve says:

    I would like to buy a Plymouth cricket if you have one email me ..

  11. sawman says:

    I have Plymouth cricket parts for sale,parts car is listed on ebay thanks

  12. Ken says:


  13. Curt Evans says:

    I cannot help but wonder, if the car in that photo was not actually my 1971 Plymouth Cricket. In 1985 I purchased a rust orange colored Cricket from a body shop owner in Quincy Illinois for $800, myself and a friend repainted it royal blue, Quincy High School Blue Devil blue to be specific. I drove it for a couple years, then traded it at a Chrysler dealership. I’d be curious if anyone had information on the available colors of that car, because that looks like the blue that I painted it.

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