Spottings from British Columbia

Came across some neat vehicles on my trip to and from BC from the All British Field Meet field meet.

Dune buggy with slot mags and powered by a Ford four cylinder engine. Outside the Museum of Mining.

Dune buggy

Not many Datsun 280ZXs left are nice as this one.

Datsun 280ZX

Rare to see a Yugo in western Canada – Ladas where always more common. This one badged GTI but I think there ever was a Yugo GTI. I remember VW causing a fuss over the Suzuki Swift GTi which had to be renamed to just Swift GT.


And finally a rarity. I don’t think I’d ever seen a Kaiser Manhattan out in the wild before. Nice example too. A big Thunderbird next to it.

1954 Kaiser Manhattan

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2 Responses to Spottings from British Columbia

  1. GREG DERKSEN says:


    I’m Greg Derksen. I’ve just found your photo of the Kaiser.
    Do you know if it’s for sale? I’d appreciate any help you
    may give.



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