New project vehicle acquired – Lada Niva – a Russian SUV

I’ve always wanted a Lada Niva for reasons I can’t fully explain so when one turned up for sale very close to my house with the owner looking for a trade one a running beater car I immediately looked into it. I was looking unload my beater Chrysler LeBaron so I arranged a trade with the owner. The Niva is a bit rough but I’m hoping that it doesn’t take too much to get up and going again. Due to some wiring issues and missing keys I got it towed home. First thing to clear out all the stuff in it and give it a reasonable to clean to see what I had to work with.

was full of crap and filthy inside

Random duck sits on the dash.

The Niva came with these tools – bonus.

1.7L four cylinder with fuel injection using GM parts.

I figured out how to out the rear hatch – there is a tiny lever behind the driver’s seat. Struts don’t hold it up anymore.

Back was so full of crap I neglected to notice the rear seat was missing. Belts are there though.

The interior after a quick clean. I’ve got quite a few interior panels that where tossed in the rear. Not sure if I have all. The heater area was hacked when someone stole the steoro so I’ll need to source that at some point. I do have the driver’s side kick panel to cover that mess.

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3 Responses to New project vehicle acquired – Lada Niva – a Russian SUV

  1. Author says:

    There are 2 levers to control the transfer case. My jeep only has one. What do they do?

  2. Peter says:

    A good project. If there is enough time and money try to put a audi quattro system inc. engine in that car. That´ll be the ultimate driving machine 😉

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