Rad Rod K-car (sort of)

Further adventures in low cost motoring with my 1986 Chrysler LeBaron:

I now have ownership of a full set of factory workshop manuals for the k-car for 1985 – most everything is relevant to the 1986 model. Best part it was given to me by an extremely nice forum member – thanks Mike!

I had to buy a new battery for it which was unfortunate but not the end of the world as it can be used on my Seven after the LeBaron leaves my ownership.

As fitting for a cheap old clunker of a car the paint and bodywork is rather poor. The clear coat is peeling awfully on the hood, there is some rust mostly at the rear wheel arches and the nice dent as the front by the bumper. Nothing worth fixing properly of course but I’ve always liked the flat black look. I didn’t intend to paint the car but I wanted the clean up the wheels a bit since they where quite ugly and rusty. So a quick clean and blast of rust paint and they looked almost good as new. They turned out so well that it got me thinking about doing the whole car. I’d previous discounted the idea due to the red roof but after creating a preview in Paint Shop Pro I didn’t mind the look.

So I had one roll of masking tape and half a can of flat black paint left. So I acquired another roll of masking tape, some sand paper and four more cans of paint.

The masking tape was almost five dollars and a bargain pack of sand paper was $1 but I bought it with a Zellers gift card meaning no money left my pocket.

The paint cans where less than $4 a piece (cheapest ones I could find) and I had some Canadian Tire money to use up so only a few dollars later I had my supplies

Cleaned the whole car then gave the hood a quick sand to remove the peeling portions of clear coat. Gave some of the rusty spots a quick sand – not a permanent fix but hopefully keep it at bay for a while. Then I taped the car to hopefully avoid the worse of the over spray. This was a fairly dull job but I can only imagine how long it would take if one was doing it properly.

LeBaron prepped for paint

Now I skipped the whole primer layer figuring that what the heck its got paint underneath. So far after a days of snow and freezing rain its seems ok. We will see if that was a mistake in the future I guess. Paint went on rather well and car looked rather sharp.

Here is the result – I think it turned out rather well considering.

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