The odd and unusual

I’m a sucker for strange automotive creations. The wilder the better while still functioning as a vehicle. I thought I’d share a few that I’ve captured over the last little while.

Super short wheelbase Plymouth Voyager Minivan – I talked to the owner – her husband chopped out the sliding door section a number of years ago. I see this one around once and a while.

short bus

A local towing company has this Honda Civic tow truck – one assumes for display use only

Civic Tow Truck

Fred the custom RV Volkswagen Van – apparenltly built from a rolled over ’79 van


Another VW van this time an early one in the scrapyard. Note the Beetle in the roof, the Chevy wheels, second rear door into the side. Looks to me like it might be slightly stretched too. All in all quite the custom job.

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2 Responses to The odd and unusual

  1. Chris_Tech Geek says:

    Wow those are some odd looking cars the van fooled me I thought it was factory made!

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