Snow off roading

Snow off roading. Sadly it was really slippy – must have rained or melted then piled on an additional few inches of snow because it wasn’t deep but we kept hitting ice. Anyway the truck did well on its first outing. I couldn’t find low range 4WD until the end of the day since its got a skull shift with no marking and manual.

the road out there – about an hour and a half drive

On the trail – my friend in his Jeep Wrangler

coming up to my first stream – a really tame one. Later got a really big one (no pics sadly) with a 2ft ice shelf drop off.

tame stream again

me doing it

Turtle Mountain – this is the one the partially collapsed onto the town of Frank

Doesn’t look too bad but stuck in really good on the one side there – dropped into a ditch. This picture after digging. Tried to pull it back out for quite a while with no success until managed to get it going forward.

300ft drop off to the side

trees and such

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